Year 3


Click here for spelling homework.

Snow Day Activities

  1. Visit Snow Crystals and look at the photo galleries. These are all actual snowflakes that have been magnified. Aren’t they beautiful?
  2. What do you notice? Write a bank of words to describe these crystals. Try to use interesting adjectives and WOW words.
  3. Join some of your words together to make sentences and word pairs. Make a poem using these – remember how to set out a poem and try to use alliteration and some rhyme.
  4. Notice that the number six appears in each crystal. Look carefully at the images – can you find any examples of that number? Make your own snow crystal design. You can also use a computer to help with this. Try starting with a hexagon in the middle of your design.
  5. Use the number 6 to make up some calculations- What is special about the number 36. What happens to 6 when you multiply it by 10? 100? 1000? How about dividing it by 10? Can you explain what happens?
  6. How many words can you find inside the word SNOWFLAKE? E.g. lake, won, on, no.

Other non-themed activities:

  • Learn spellings
  • Reading: School book and a book from home- read aloud and with expression
  • Times tables: 2,3,4,5 & 10 should be secure. If so have a go at 20,30,40 & 50 times tables
  • Project work. Find out all about a different country – maybe somewhere warm? Present your information into a non -fiction booklet using all the features you have learned (subheadings, bullet points and pictures with captions).

Maths websites to visit with fun free games: