How to help your child at home:

  1. Encourage your child to read as much as possible at home and enjoy books together.
  2. Form letters correctly.
  3. Write their first and second name.
  4. Sound out simple words on their fingers, using the letter sounds NOT the letter names.
  5. Praise them for writing and trying their best.
  6. Keep their sound books at home once the teacher has seen them and practise them as much as possible.

Click here for information on helping your child with spellings.


How to help your child at home:

  1. When you are walking or driving in the car you can chant numbers in funny voices, giant voices, whisper voices etc.
  2. Encourage your child to count objects at home.
  3. Play board games that involve a dice, counting spaces, identifying shapes etc.
  4. Always keep your games positive and enjoy them together.

Snowy days


  1. Can you write your name in the snow? Run around making tracks that are curved, zigzags etc.
  2. Listen carefully to the sounds outside. Can you hear snow falling, ice melting etc?
  3. Talk together about what your family did in the snow. Did the car get stuck? Did you have to walk to the shops? Did you build a snowman or have some target practice with snowballs?
  4. Draw a picture and ask an adult to help you write sentences about it.