PE & Sports Funding Programme

Academic Year 2018-19

Abbeyfields First School has received PESP funding of £9,190 in the academic year of 2018-19.

During that time we have spent £9,500 to become part of the Morpeth and Ponteland School Sports Partnership, which provides us with 5 hours of expert-led curriculum PE, 1 after school club and 1 lunch time club per week as well as access to sports competitions, sports festivals and sports CPD which is open to all of our teaching staff (including trainee and associate staff) throughout the year.

As the membership of the partnership costs more than our PESP funding, opportunities for purchasing other resources of coach delivery was severely restricted, however, at Abbeyfields we highly value PE and Sport so our children and teachers fundraised and made teaching budget money available to provide

  • Matchfit training for 55 Y4 children
  • Swimming for 60 Y3 and 55 Y4 pupils (1 term each)

Impact monitored in Academic Year 2018-19

Curriculum PE Sessions:

Children attend sessions of 1 hour in length, in their class group (usually 30 pupils). The lesson is led by our Specialist PE teacher, Miss Simpson, and supported by the class teacher and usually a TA or LSA. This ensures high quality teaching through well planned and well-resourced lessons; the supernumerary position of the specialist teacher means that she is free to set up ready for the lesson without the pressures of a class to administrate. The specialist teacher is also able to leave the class teacher with ideas and strategies to best extend the children’s skills in their second weekly PE lesson.

As a result of this, standards in PE have significantly increased and children’s and teachers’ confidence has increased too. Children are able to identify their progress for themselves, and the difference in attainment from Reception age to Year 4 was very clear when Monitoring and Observations took place in July 2016.

Pupil Voice continues to discover that PE is one of the highlights for the children at Abbeyfields. Children enjoy both their curriculum delivery and the opportunity to access after school and lunch time clubs for free. This encourages an active healthy lifestyle so vital for our young people. This year we have had a focus on empowering our young people to be leaders and our Healthy Living AMPs organised, resourced and supervised a whole school assault course – an activity for all our children in Reception-Year 4 and entirely organised by the 16 AMPs and the PE Lead Teacher.

Opportunities to develop skills are abundant and Abbeyfields Footballers enjoyed success within their competitions and won their pool – progressing to represent Morpeth and Ponteland Partnership at the Northumberlnd School Games. The team came home with Bronze medals (the first time that a team from Abbeyfields has medalled) and it is felt that the increased skills due to the expert tuition of the specialist teacher during these children’s academic career, was the difference which made this possible.

Extra-curricular sport involvement:

Attendance at After School Clubs at Abbeyfields has always been high. This has continued into the academic year 2018/19 and looks set to continue into the year 2019/20. This is something that is monitored closely and as a result, the activities on offer change frequently in response to pupils’ interests and the engagement of the school community.

School Life Enhancement:

PE is valued highly at Abbeyfields and sporting successes either personal or school led are celebrated regularly through the school newsletter. Sporting achievement and continued participation is also celebrated weekly through the achievement assembly, where pupils can share certificates and trophies from their out of school hobbies.

Where particular skills and talents are identified in our pupils, we strive to support their parents in accessing specialist clubs and training. We offer links to a number of clubs; most typically the local Rugby, Football and Gymnastics organisations.

Planning for the Future

Going forward, we feel that it is vital to continue our membership of the Morpeth and Ponteland School Sports partnership. The specialist teaching is outstanding and the opportunities for our children to access high quality taster sessions and workshops in a wide range of sporting activities in invaluable – something we simply could not offer on our own or without the benefit of the PESP. Accessing stimulating and supportive CPD will continue to upskill our staff members.

In 2019/20 we plan to continue our commitment to Active Healthy Lifestyles, by exploring the additional possibilities afforded to us due to the increase in funding through the sugar tax fund.

Our current aspirations include:

  • Gross Motor interventions to support our Key Stage 1 children
  • Yoga, relaxation and meditation sessions to enhance our children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Before School clubs for children to make an active start to the day
  • Lunch time ‘free to join’ activity sessions to enhance the playground experience and assist in providing the active 30 minutes for each child every day
  • Free after school coaching for our gifted and talented pupils who otherwise could not access expert tuition.
  • Further improve our stock of resources to ensure original, engaging and exciting PE lessons.