Illness Absence Period
Chicken Pox Until rash has crusted (6 – 7 days)
Cold Until better
Diarrhoea/Sickness Until 48 hours after symptoms have stopped
German Measles Until 5 days after onset of rash
Glandular Fever During acute stage of illness
Headlice/ringworm Until treatment started
Influenza Until symptoms have stopped
Impetigo/Cold Sores Until lesions have healed
Measles Until better, at least 7 days from onset of rash
Meningitis Until better
Mumps Until 7 days after swelling becomes evident
Scabies Until symptoms have gone
Scarlet Fever Until 5 days after start of treatment by a GP
Sore throat (bacterial) Until 5 days after antibiotics started
Whooping cough Until 5 days after antibiotics started
Yellow Jaundice (Infectious Hepatitis) For 4 weeks